We’ve been at this a long time now, you know, and with time comes routines and patterns. There are times of the year that I know I’m likely to see him once or twice, and then there are times like right now…when I don’t know when I’ll see him again for certain, but I know it won’t be for awhile. 

I’ve developed my own routines to deal with these patterns of togetherness and waiting. I try, when I know it’ll be months before we’re together again, to limit my focus on him. I try not to think about the incredible moments he’s given me or the deep longing I have for his touch. I’m not always very good at distracting myself from wanting him, but sometimes when I am successful, it helps with the waiting. 

Then, there are nights like tonight when I feel my desire for him in every part of me. It feels less like something I want now, and more like something I need. 

I’d do most anything to spend this entire night pleasing him with my lips wrapped around his big cock and my tongue gently stroking his balls. I want to spend all night making him feel completely relaxed, satisfied, and content. I want to be next to him, so when he wakes up and needs me to take care of him again…I’ll be there. 

Sleep is unlikely to come easy tonight, but when it comes I hope to find him in my dreams. 



Bubbles & Blogs

Blogging From my bubble bath tonight…

One of my favorite new albums is playing, and I’m soaking in the warmth of the water and the lightly scented bubbles thinking of him. 

Taking a bubble bath together is something we’ve talked about, but we haven’t done yet. 

The thought of leaning back against his chest, his hands tracing along my curves, and the soothing water caressing our skin, reaching up over my hard nipples. 

I need to finish this daydream… 😘


Faking it

You know what I don’t like? When I settle in for a girl on girl video to get me to a perfect Monday afternoon orgasm and they try to play me two girls who are obviously not that into girls but are faking it for the sake of a video. 

Girl, you’re not helping me get to where I’m trying to go with this vibrator by barely dipping your tongue in there and lightly grazing your finger against her clit. 

I need it to look like you love the taste of her little pussy, because you know what? I want to taste it! I’ve got to live through you here…

I’m just saying… Could get a little more realistic pussy eating videos? 




Last week, Facebook reminded me of an event I had four years ago by showing me pictures of my friends and I, where I checked in, and what I had to say about it. As I thought back to that fun weekend and who I shared my time with, I remembered that this night four years ago was also the very first night I had ever been with my sweet, sexy cockstar (before I was actually referring to him as that, I think).

After months of sexting, naughty pictures, dreaming of what we could do together, and one night of some handsy stuff in the Target parking lot, I finally had the chance to really be with him.

I spent that day last week remembering the moments of that night four years ago. I was in a motel room with 3 of my girlfriends and somehow managed to sneak out and go to his room for maybe a couple of hours. Honestly, I can’t remember how I did it now. I remember goofing around, having girl talk, sharing a king size bed with them. I think I remember waiting for them to fall asleep, but I must have had some excuse to leave…who knows.

One of the girls and I rode up there together and arrived before the other two. We settled into the room, and then I got a text from him saying he was in his room and I should sneak over. Terrified, anxious, excited…I was a little ball of shaking, screaming nerves. I remember making out and immediately feeling calm and right. I remember him lying on his back on the bed, unzipping his jeans and taking his big cock out for me. I tasted him, and I couldn’t believe it was happening!

After his show, when my friends fell asleep, I went to his room. I don’t remember all the details, but when I think of that night I have these flashes of sexy, passionate, moments we shared. I remember the moment I was lying on my back and he kissed down my stomach to my black, lacy panties…over my hipbones. He slipped me out of my panties and I remember thinking, “OMG, he’s going to taste my pussy! Years of dreaming about this moment, and I’m finally going to feel his tongue on my pussy!” And he did. And it was better than I ever imagined.

I felt him inside me for the first time. I was lying on my back as he was grinding his big, hard cock against my wet pussy lips. Suddenly, he slipped inside me. It was hot, and I could feel my pussy squeezing his huge cock. Truthfully, I didn’t know until that moment whether or not I would actually let him inside me and if he hadn’t just done it, I don’t know whether I would have. If he had asked me first, I don’t know what I would have said. I spent years wondering what it would be like to be with him and months talking to him about it. Planning it. I spent my whole life being the virgin, the one girl who was waiting, the one girl who truly believed you should only ever be with one person. Now, I was someone different.

This was the night that I felt his warm cum all over my face for the very first time. With anyone else, at any other time in my life, I would have thought this was the craziest thing anyone could suggest trying, but when we talked about it…it turned me on like crazy! This was it. How would it feel? Would I love it as much as I think I might? Would he love it? Would I make a weird face and turn him off? The pressure! I was on my knees on the floor at the end of the bed, and he was on his knees at the edge of the bed stroking his big cock. He pumped that big cock until he shot his warm cum all over my face. It felt so good, so dirty, so sexy, and I knew I wanted to do it again and again as many times as he would let me have it!

Four years later, I still look forward to our nights together more than anything else. Four years later, he still gives me pleasure I have never experienced before. Four years later, he is still teaching me things about my body and taking me places I didn’t know I could go.


Thanks for reliving this with me 😉



Let me ask you something, ladies…

Is loving the taste of cum the norm, or no? I used to hate it. I mean truly…hate it! I did everything I possibly could to avoid it, and that’s with any guy I had ever fooled around with. Sometimes, if the guy was ready to finish, I’d let the cum kind of run out of my mouth back over his cock so I didn’t have to swallow, but I still had that bitter taste in my mouth longer than I wanted.

I got trickier after awhile. I had really strong convictions about sex for a long time (and still sort of do despite all of this), so I was a virgin until I was 25. Aside from some ass play, oral sex was sort of my only means of sexual experiences and activity. I started to have “outercourse,” where I would kind of grind against the guy’s cock. I was young and so were they, so a lot of the time it was easy to get a guy off that way. I’d try to time it well, so I’d grind against the guy until he was about to cum and then he’d cum all over his own stomach. Sometimes, I’d act really excited to have them cum all over me. I wasn’t excited at all. It was sticky, and it made an unnecessary mess. Anyone else felt/feel that way?

Everything changed when I began this umm…adventure with my cockstar (I really need to give him a hot mystery blog guy name). I find myself actually craving his taste. I could…and have…sucked his cock for HOURS. I used to try to make it end as quickly as possible, but now, I savor every moment of him in my mouth. Often, I don’t want it to end. My jaw will begin to ache a little, but I keep going because he tastes SO good and he sounds SO hot when he’s moaning and whispering my name.

His cum is kind of sweet, not like cotton candy sweet, but so incredibly pleasant on my taste buds. I wake up sometimes, wanting to taste him first thing in the morning. I love to fall asleep with the taste of him in my mouth. Unfortunately, both of those experiences are few and far between. Sometimes, the unfairness of it is overwhelming. I’ve finally found someone that I absolutely cannot get enough of, and I have to wait…and wait…and wait.

It isn’t just the way he tastes. It’s the way his cum feels on my skin. I want to soak him all in, rub him into my skin like lotion. I want him to just shower me in his cum. It drives me wild when he shoots a big load all over my face, and I’m just covered in a glaze of hot, white cum.

The taste is different from anyone else’s I’ve ever had, but I think the fact that I’m so insanely attracted to him plays a big role in it as well. I just want to swallow him up every time I see him! I want to taste, touch, and memorize every single each of him. I think because I’m so intensely attracted to him, it’s opened me up to things I never wanted or liked before. It’s brought this dirty little cumsluttiness out of me, and I want to experience everything there is with him.

Do any of you find yourselves desiring the taste of cum? Let me know I’m not the only cumslut out there! Tell me the dirtiest thing you’ve done with it. I want to try it all with him!





What is it about sexting him that is so damn addicting? My phone lights up and I feel the tingle of excitement until I look at the notification. If it’s someone other than him..I feel my shoulders drop. It doesn’t matter how many times he’s texted me already that day. We’ve been doing this for years. It isn’t new, but it feels like it is every time. I can remember the first time I sent him a picture of my pussy. I was SO nervous! Now, it happens a few times a week, most of the time.

I wasn’t really that into it before. I mean, I guess there were times when I did it, but nothing that held my attention really well. I guess sometimes in moments of boredom or after I had too much to drink, I had a couple of go-to people, you know? It was rare though.

A couple of weekends ago, I was lying around on the couch doing some classwork and my phone lit up. I looked over and it was a notification from him, and all the message said was, “*lick*.” My entire body tingled. I don’t have to see or hear him (although those things drive me totally wild). A simple sexy message from him affects my entire body.

Tell me what you think about sexting. Do you do it? Do you send pictures of yourself? Would you rather just right to the real thing?




Just a peek…

We’ve talked about whether or not I should add any photos to the blog for a long time. Documenting our sleepovers through photos, videos, and this blog is something we both really enjoy, so it kind of makes sense to merge the two a little. The idea has intrigued and excited me for awhile, and he seemed very into it, so I asked him to send me some of his favorites that he’s taken.
Here’s the one we chose together. 😉 



Under the Cover of the Moonlight

One day, a couple of years ago, he texted me describing this fantasy he had of us out on a balcony. He told me how he envisioned us spending the evening sitting on the balcony of our hotel room having drinks, enjoying the warm summer breeze. He pictured me rubbing his cock over his shorts to get him hard, and then getting on my knees to blow him right there on the balcony in the moonlight. We’ve talked about it off and on since he first mentioned it, and I’ve been trying to find a way to make his fantasy a reality. While planning for CumslutFest, we looked all over to find a hotel with private balconies….not nearly as easy as you might think.

That first night of CumslutFest, we fell asleep earlier than we usually do during sleepovers, but we had done a LOT of playing that evening. Falling asleep next to him is always easy with the feeling of total comfort that covers me and a body completely exhausted from hours of uninhibited pleasure.

I slowly woke up sometime around 3 or 4 am, rolled over to feel his warm skin against mine. I knew now was the perfect time to sneak out onto the balcony and give my baby the fantasy he had described to me. To gently wake him, I lightly kissed his cheek and reached over to stroke his cock. He rolled over, smiling at me, and grabbed my tit. “Do you want to go outside?” I whispered. He grinned and said yes.

We were on the second floor of the hotel, facing a quaint little courtyard with benches, pretty landscaping, and windows from the lobby and many other rooms facing right at us. The wall of our little balcony wasn’t solid, but had black railings that didn’t hide much from any possible onlookers.

I slipped into his light blue dress shirt and we went onto the balcony. He looked flawless under the cover of the soft light of the moon, and I’m reminded of how lucky I am…again.This was it. My moment to make his fantasy a reality. The air was still warm, and the moonlight mixed with the hotel lights lit the courtyard well and it was bright for the middle of the night. The buzz from the evening had certainly worn off and my excitement to fool around outside was lined with some nerves. What if someone saw? How would he react? What would we do? My nerves faded as soon as I felt his lips against my skin. He opened the unbuttoned shirt I was wearing to reveal my tits. He was sitting on a chair on the back corner of the balcony, and I leaned into him, putting my tits next to his face. His hands caressed them, as I leaned into his mouth…his lips wrapping around my hard nipples. I slid down onto my knees, perched comfortably between his legs. Immediately, I wrapped my hand around his thick, hard cock and slowly slipped my lips down over him.  He fills my mouth so well, and I love the feeling of the tip of his cock against the inside of my cheek and his shaft along my tongue.

I sucked him long enough to taste the sweet tease of his pre-cum on my taste buds. Standing up, I turned around to face away from him and lifted the back of the shirt I was wearing up so he could see my ass. Grabbing his cock with my right hand, I squatted down onto his lap, slowly taking him inside me. My pussy was dripping from the excitement of being outside and the longing for his touch, even after the hours of sweet, sexy indulgence we had the afternoon and evening before. I felt his cock stretch my lips open, as my tight, hot pussy engulfed it. I was squatting up and down, taking his cock in and out of my pussy, his hand on my hips, holding onto my body as I moved. I’m not great at staying quiet when my Cockstar is giving me his big cock, so I bit my lip a little as I fucked him, trying to muffle my moans.

“Bend over,” he tells me. I pull the little balcony table closer to me and lean over onto it, my ass up and ready for him. I feel him slide into me from behind and the pleasure is intense. The angle, the air, the risk…maybe it was the combination of all of it making my body ultra sensitive, but he was making me feel incredible! I had almost forgotten we were outside. I was succumbing to the pleasure, as much as I could without totally letting go and waking up all of our hotel neighbors…even if they were missing an incredible show ;).

It always amazes me the way he fucks me for so long, and how his cock stays so rock hard for me. So often, we are ready to finish at nearly the same time. He tells me he’s ready to cum for me, and I quickly turn around and hit my knees for him to fill my mouth with every drop of his yummy cum!

There are so many things I had never done before I had done it with him, and this was another first. I had never had sex outside before, and I truly hope we get do to it again! 😉 That’s a rush I can’t wait to experience with him again!

Have you ever had balcony sex or something like it? Have some tips for me for next time? Tell me about it 😉

Thanks for checking in, dolls!